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Estimated premier: 2022/2023
Genre: Feature, Comedy
Director: Ingrid Stenersen
Script writer: Ingrid Stenersen
Producers: Nicholas Sando, Stein Berge Svendsen & Lillian Løvseth
Supported by: Filminvest, last stage of development and financing.

Three women find themselves in the same situation; single and stuck in a small village in the Norwegian countryside where there are no eligible men left. That is until one day three handsome policemen arrive, and the women come up the perfect plan to get the policemen’s attention – break the law and get caught.


Estimated premier: 2022/2023
Feature, Psychologic Thriller
Script writer:
Trond Morten Kristiensen Venaasen
Director: TBC
Producers: Lillian Løvseth and Stein B. Svendsen
Supported by: Filminvest, in development
Winner of JETS 2021 – Junior Entertainment Talent Slate

Astrid wants to improve her mundane life, climbing the company ladder. She makes an unforgivable mistake, and her eldest daughter is abducted. Driven by tremendous guilt and grief Astrid sacrifices everything searching for her daughter, in the darkest forest. The only one who seems to understand her agony, is Aleksander from the Red Cross. But Astrid will soon understand that Aleksander is not at all the saviour he claims to be.


Estimated premier: 2021
Genre: Documentary Series
Directors: Anja Manou Hellem and Ingrid Stenersen
Producers: Mino Thorud & Stein Berge Svendsen
Supported by: Østnorsk filmsenter, ready for distribution

This is a feelgood and playful documentary series for the whole family, particularly suited for the 5 -8 years old. In this series we meet the Boys’ Choir from Lillehammer, while they prepare for their trip to New York. We follow them through rehearsals, concerts and fund raising, before they finally set out for their exciting trip to the Big Apple!


Estimated premier: 2022/2023
Genre: Documentary Series
Director: Nora Nivedita Tvedt
Producer: Lillian Løvseth
Supported by: Østnorsk filmsenter and Fritt Ord, in development, Norwegian Film Institute.

This project is all about love and relations,  how good it feels to be loved and how it hurts to be let down.  Ex-couples and singles meet in the studio to confront their dysfunctional relationship patterns. Interacting with professional actors gives them an opportunity to get an insight into themselves and their experiences. This is a documentary series for young adults about understanding self worth and the boundaries in a relationship.


Estimated premier: 2021
Genre: 60 min documentary
Director: Kjell Vassdal
Co-director: Bjarte Ytre-Arne
Producer: Lillian Løvseth
Supported by: Østnorsk filmsenter, editing stage

In the documentary film BEST, we follow Arnfinn interviewing six paralympic gold medal winners for his exhibition and book release, visiting Harstad, Bergen, Hønefoss, Nesodden, and Oslo. The olympians reveal intriguing stories on becoming the worlds best, despite dire challenges, economically, health wise and oslo facing prejudism from society and sports. The dramaturgical force in these close encounters, is Arnfinn´s continuous work before, during and after the filming.


Estimated premier: 2025
Genre: Series, Political thriller
Script writer: Trond Morten Venaasen
Director: TBC
Producers: Lillian Løvseth & Stein Berge Svendsen
Supported by: Filminvest, script development.

In search of the truth about her brother convicted of murder, Anne stumbles across illegal weapon trade in the backyard of international big politics – a distorted place where no one is to be trusted, nor her own moral compass or her own family


Estimated premier: 2022/2023
Genre: Experimental short fiction
Director and script writer: Anja Manou Hellem
Producer: Lillian Løvseth
Supported by: Østnorsk filmsenter, in development

Entangled is a story of rebirth. Awakening the soul of the ever more digitally immersed, futuristic human. Through the dance of a bee we are called back to nature to remind us where we come from, how we are all connected and inevitably dependent on one another. Entangled is a highly artistic, poetic short film, with movement as its main creative expression, about the interaction between the modern human, nature, and being part of something grater than ourselves.


Estimated premier: 2022
Genre: Short, Dark comedy
Director: Martin T.B. Thomas
Script writer: Erlend Badhwar Valen-Sendstad
Producer: Lillian Løvseth
Supported by: Østnorsk filmsenter, in development

Sindre – the loner – is trying to create a social network. Nothing goes as planned when his creation starts taking over his life.

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